We are Cloudtegic, We are Pardot People

Any past or present developers out there can relate, your first bit of code from that “X for Dummies” book you got from Amazon, the local Barnes and Noble, or the library (does anyone still do that?). Well, welcome to the first blog entry and announcement of a new firm called Cloudtegic. It started as a solopreneur venture in 2020 and the vision has morphed and has grown to a team of 5, most doing this that jumped in full-time and a few others moonlighting with this as a side hustle for now. 

We are a Salesforce SI Consulting Partner and our team is passionate about helping educate ourselves and our customers in the technologies that add value into their marketing tech stack and assist the businesses we work with in the expedition of the marketing and sales process.

Cloudtegic: We are Pardot People

We partner with our customers to help them realize ROI by influencing their revenue optimization through training, tactical, and strategic services by leveraging marketing automation and the Salesforce platform.

Behind every email, website, and landing page there’s a strategic marketer, personalizing each and every part of your digital journey. We’re here to help those marketers build out their tech stack so they can focus the experience. 

Our team has several years of experience in Pardot, Marketing Automation, Creative, Project Management, and Salesforce experience and our mission at Cloudtegic is to provide creative solutions, quality work, and training with sincerity, authenticity, and honesty to our clients.

How can we help?

Our ideal customer are businesses that are considering a move from your current platform of Hubspot, Marketo, etc. on to Pardot or you have recently made the decision and you have a vision of how where you’d like to take your sales and marketing. 

Are you wondering “what could be?” now that you’ve made a decision to put some marketing budget to work?  We can help you bring your vision to life by consulting with you on strategy and ongoing content, creative, and tactical execution.

We believe that sales & marketing are the lifeline of a company and can help address key steps that lead to revenue:

  • Nurturing Prospects and Generating Demand
  • Reporting on Campaign Influence and Attribution
  • Implementing Digital Marketing
  • Cross-selling and Customer Retention
  • Converting increased and better quality leads in your sales funnel

We offer a range of quick start, hands-on, and enterprise level packages or can also customize our services to your specific needs as well if an out-of-the-box offering doesn’t quite fit the mold. 

If you’d like to speak about your marketing needs, please email us to setup a consultation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please do us a favor and follow our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and subscribe to this blog. We initially plan on a blog article per week surrounding marketing strategy and automation. 

Also for our first 100 followers on LinkedIn, we are offering a free ½ hour consultation with one of our Solution Architects regarding marketing automation questions, please visit this page to schedule your consultation if you are in the first 100.


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