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The holidays are approaching, and so are your sales quotas. What are your plans to finish this year strong? At Cloudtegic we are experts at implementing processes to contribute to your bottom line.

The holidays are approaching, and so are your sales quotas. What are your plans to finish this year strong? Pardot® is an important tool that allows you to automate the nurturing process of your leads, as well as track progress. 

At Cloudtegic we are experts at implementing processes using this tool in order to contribute to your bottom line. 

Pardot®  Will Assist in Lead Grading Your Sales Prospects

Your basic Pardot® account comes with a default grading profile that details:

  • Company Size

  • Industry

  • Location

  • Job Title

  • Department.

However, as in anything in life and business, customization makes a huge difference. One size does not fit all, and not all leads are high quality prospects. So how do you focus on ROI? Customized Lead Grading. 

We suggest working with your sales team, and take a thorough look at your current and past clients. In this exercise, try to identify the following:

  • What Job Titles value or products or services?

  • Which Job Levels are decision makers in this sales process (Managers, Directors, C-Level etc.)?

  • Which departments are most impacted?

  • What is the size of your ideal client business?

  • Which industries buy your products?

  • Is there a certain location that is better served?

This will help you edit the criteria in the lead grading process to identify the top leads and make the best use of your human capital resources. 

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Automate Your Lead Nurturing Process in Pardot®

If you’re taking the time to read this, chances are you know the age old trick of seven touches to close a lead. Well, with the overload of digital in the past 2 years, those touches are expected to only increase.

But not many people have the time to nurture all of those leads, close deals, onboard clients; and you know, be a human. That’s where these personalized nurturing automations can make a huge difference in your sales process. 

Cloudtegic will work with your team to identify your strategic unique selling propositions, map out the correct nurturing process, and even build the campaigns on your behalf. By automating your best nurturing series, you will be reaching your ideal clients with the correct message, all while focusing on the more human side of the sales process.

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Detailed Opportunity Tracking in Pardot®

Getting your message out there is only a portion of the sales process battle.  To dominate the market, your marketing processes should always be an opportunity to learn more about your clients, and to tweak the process along the way.  With opportunities in Pardot®, a company can determine the actual revenue and even the pending revenue from the process.

As we build out your Pardot® integration, the opportunity syncing in Salesforce® allows the user to learn about prospects that are:

  • Open Sales Opportunities
  • Closed & Won Sales Opportunities
  • Closed & Lost Sales Opportunities

Best part yet, our team of Pardot® experts will use our API knowledge to automate this process on your behalf.  Reach out today to make the most out of your human capital and continue your sales journey in an optimal way.


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