5 Clear Reasons to Switch from Hubspot to Pardot®


Hubspot is a commonly used automation platform for your marketing strategy. Though some may argue that there is a reason why it is recommended as the entry level product for your sales strategy.  As Pardot® experts, we are diving into the ways your marketing strategy can benefit from Pardot. Our goal is to educate and train our clients to leverage the best cloud based technologies; to strategically solve business problems.

Pardot® is Superior in Lead Management & Scoring

In an abundance of technology, we realize the one real resource that is not abundant is human capital time spent.  What do we mean by this?  The old way of sales focused on as many cold calls as a person could handle. This only resulted in a hopeful very low percentage of closed deals at the end of the day.  Using the correct technology, we can eliminate the time spent on less qualified leads.

In Pardot®, Cloudtegic will work with your sales team to identify the ideal audience.  These details could include job functions, decision maker titles, and ideal industries for your clientele.  This allows you to score your incoming leads based on qualifiers that are customized to your sales process, and leverage your human resources for the highest potential ROI.

Build Landing Pages with Ease Using Pardot®

With the easily accessible drag and drop functionality built into your Pardot® experience, you can easily build and track landing pages for every campaign.  Save time by using the user friendly features, and build assets that will help you track conversions through these newly designed landing pages.

Pardot® Will Natively Integrate with Salesforce®

Salesforce® is our single source of truth.  When you invest in a well built Pardot® integration, there are no more pesky APIs to configure into Hubspot.  Instead, everything flows through Salesforce, and we grab field data from SF Objects for better marketing initiatives.

Expand Your Data with Even More Native Connectors

Marketing is not a single touch opportunity, and it is important to keep cross functionality between all of your platforms.  This is why Pardot® has taken the time to build native connectors into tools you already use for marketing and sales functions such as WebEx, social media, Google AdWords, and more.  More data allows for more measurement, which in turn can lead to better results.

Connected Campaigns Allow for Custom Reporting

ROI can be one of the most complicated and important aspects of your marketing strategy.  That’s why once again, Pardot® is the optimal platform for your business.

Pardot® includes an important ROI Reporting feature that allows you to measure and track campaign performance by tying closed leads back to your marketing efforts, connecting your sales data, and analyzing open and closed opportunities in Salesforce®. You can also compare the ROI of these elements from one campaign to another in an interactive graph.


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