Cloudtegic: A look back at 2021 from CEO’s perspective

It’s been a hectic 2021 for us here at Cloudtegic, all part of the fun of a start-up!

We’ve been in business for just over 7 months now, having formed from the ashes of a previous company, and I found 2 amazing business partners that each bring their own unique strengths, skills, and strategic approach to the various hurdles we face.

We’ve been able to assist clients from the previous company, as well as a number of net new clients while focusing on the lead to cash revenue cycle, with Pardot being our primary revenue driver at present, and is projected to continue to do so. 

10 Accomplishments From 2021

We have established a strong PM process and tools and have created pre-recorded videos to enable our customers to have sustainable training material.

We’re about half-way to our annual first-year goal sales-wise, maintaining operating margins appropriately.

We’ve been able to establish relationships with much of the Pardot leadership team, from the AVP, to the RVPs, to the AEs, and SE teams. We’ve also begun enablement sessions to help increase skill and product knowledge of those we interact with on a regular basis. Our goal is to do the same with the CORE reps in 2022 as we add more lines of revenue and services including Sales Cloud, CPQ, and managed services. Internally, our partnership grows stronger everyday as we continue to learn from each other about different aspects of business and gathering input for a successful 12-24 roadmap. 

We’ve seen over an 80% customer renewal rate, achieving one of our primary goals of being a long term strategic partner focused on revenue strategy and being an asset to the organization.

Our Appexchange rating is at a 5.0, and we’ve received our first rating on Clutch as well; Also worked with one of our customers to produce a customer success story video on a #hubspot migration. We also have achieved 2 different Partner Navigator Statuses. 

though it took a bit of a lull, thanks to Andi Fagen and her team at CreativeDSM, we are now producing consistent value-add content and blogs on our LinkedIn page(come follow us!), we’ve gained 133 followers YTD. Watch for some more customer success stories and co-branded with Salesforce marketing material in 2022. We’ve also had some collaboration with Lucy Mazalon, editor at the DRIP/Salesforce Ben, and will be updating some content for them in 2022. Please subscribe to their blogs and follow their LinkedIn pages as well!

We’ve had the opportunity to do several #marketo and #hubspot migrations, some in very short timeframes (shortest was 16 days), with high levels of success for our customers, we are wanting to expand our outreach for our migration services in 2022.

We established a demo org that has been useful for public presentations and client demos assisting the AE/SE teams where needed to highlight great features of Pardot.

We have started interviewing for both FTE and Contractor support positions, and had some fantastic candidates in the pipeline which will allow us to scale and become partners with more clientele.

We are nearing market salary with current profit share, and have full insurance for employees, retirement matching, and charitable contribution matching. Our charitable contributions, and service on non-profit boards have also allowed us to submit for the Pledge 1% program as well!

So what’s on deck for Cloudtegic in 2022? 

We will be focusing on the whole lead to cash cycle including Sales Cloud offerings, CPQ, self-implementation offerings for Pardot, Marketing Cloud(starting with social and ad studio), furthering our efforts to become the go-to partner for migrations, and fractional CMO/admin services. We also will be continuing to highlight customer success stories via feature videos, via off-the-grid sessions with Salesforce, and highlighting our customers at Salesforce events. 

Pardot will continue to be our primary driver of revenue as we help customers realize it’s a revenue strategy tool and can lead to great ROI when configured properly as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Overall, I’m excited for what 2022 holds for us as a company and the explosive growth that we can achieve! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mike Hoal

Mike Hoal

Mike is Co-Founder, CEO and CRO of Cloudtegic. He is an 8x Salesforce certified professional and leads the Salesforce practice at Cloudtegic.


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