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In sales, we often get a “not right now” response.  If you are guilty of just setting these leads aside and forgetting to do the follow up, this article is meant for you.  Pardot® has the capability to to focus on these leads without the expense of your human resources.

Why to Focus on Re-engaging Dormant Leads

Before we dive into how Pardot® can help your business revive these dormant leads, let’s talk about why companies should focus on reviving the leads.  At Cloudtegic, we focus our attention on implementing cloud technology to make your marketing strategies more efficient. Nurturing ALL leads is an important part of this mission.

1. New Customer Acquisition is Expensive

Purchasing a new lead can be expensive.  If you have open opportunities, these leads could still be viable.  If only one of these dormant leads lead to a closed deal, does that make the effort worth it?  While each business is different, normally the ROI on setting an automated campaign is much less expensive than starting from new.

2. Re-Evaluate Your Sales Cycle

Different client affinities may require different sales strategies.  By setting up opportunities to learn more about your leads, your business can benefit from the analytics behind the sales process.  Marketing strategies that continue to touch these leads, your business will receive data that could inform an affinity that traditional marketing could be missing.

How to Use Pardot® to Revive Dormant Sales Leads

Now that we touched on why reviving dormant leads is important to the success of your overall marketing strategy, let’s talk about how.  Of course we recommend reaching out to our team of Pardot® experts to initiate these strategies, there are a few simplified steps to take in this direction.

1. Connect Your Opportunities in Salesforce®

After you set up the Salesforce®-Pardot® connector, the opportunities are then available in the Pardot® ROI reporting. When your team creates an opportunity in Salesforce® that is associated with a Pardot® prospect, it will be tracked according to the source campaign, and follow a read-only journey from open to closed.  This allows business to build a nurturing campaign based on their current status.

2. Develop a Drip Series for Lead Nurturing

Email marketing drip series campaigns can be used to nurture prospects with no involvement after the initial build.  These series are built based on a series of yes no questions.  IE, if a customer opens one email, it can trigger another that continues with the warmed lead.  If the customer leaves the email unopened, a different series of emails may begin that talk more to the stage of the unique prospect.  

Of course, we must add a disclaimer, that while this method is to eliminate the use of too many human hours, this is not a set it and forget it method.  Marketing strategies should always be tied back to the analytics to evaluate the ROI of the project.  That’s why Pardot® is the full package solution for your sales funnel.

Ryan Cammisa

Ryan Cammisa

Co-Founder/ Head of Sales


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