Posting on Social Media with Pardot: What You Need To Know

Social media strategies have become so ingrained into most organizations that it can sometimes be difficult to decipher what a good return is. Measure and save on time spent creating, engagement metrics and what prospects care about by using Pardot. 

Native social media connectors through Pardot

Pardot natively connects to FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.  But beyond the ease of drafting social posts natively within Pardot, you can also connect multiple accounts.  Connect your whole sales team’s LinkedIn to share the same message, or even their Facebook accounts.  Pardot allows 25 Facebook accounts, one Twitter connector, and unlimited LinkedIn accounts.

The benefits of using Pardot for social media posting

Creating your marketing messaging within one platform is a no brainer for marketing agency owners.  It keeps the message consistent, saves time, and allows for better ROI tracking within the marketing sector.

1. Save time by posting to multiple social platforms at once

Time is of the essence when it comes to marketing.  There is an influx of social platforms to engage on daily. Therefore, saving time by creating the message once saves time and energy to create the best content to get returns on your efforts.

2. Integrate Social Engagement in Prospect Records

Pardot allows users to measure social engagement in the prospect records.  This allows marketers to make sure the messages are landing and engaging the right audience.

3. Include social media clicks in Prospect Scoring strategies

One of Pardot’s most integral pieces to the marketing mix allows users to score prospects.  When the social posting plugin is added to the success of the prospect scoring, it ultimately allows for a more personalized sales journey.

4. Measure ROI from social media in Pardot

With the native plugins in Pardot, analytics are easy to produce.  Through these analytics, you can set certain goals to measure the success of your investment of both time and money.

Best practices for social media posting with Pardot

Just like with most things in life, there will always be best practices for posting.  Let us help outline the best practices for posting on social media using Pardot.

1. Utilize platform differentiation on social media

First of all, each social platform has a different purpose and its own audience.  Keep this in mind when you are creating content for each one.  Your ideal clients may look different on each platform, therefore need a segmented message.

2. Use visuals to encourage social engagement

Pardot makes it easy to upload visuals to your social calendar.  Users on social platforms are normally scrolling visually and need something to catch the eye.

3. Find your ideal posting time

Finally, make sure you are testing different post times. There are certain rules out there about the best time to post, but ultimately, every audience differs.  Test out your best times, and tie it back to your analytics.

Ginny Torok Duwa

Ginny Torok Duwa

Ginny is a Marketing Operations Consultant at Cloudtegic. She has been in the marketing industry for 13 years, and is twice Pardot certified. She is passionate about quantifiable marketing programs and loves to help marketers prove the impact of their efforts.


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