Slack + Salesforce + Pardot = Your Perfect Marketing Automation Mix

In June of 2021, Salesforce completed the acquisition of Slack, building even more capability into your Pardot platform of marketing automation.  Let’s dive into what that means for end users.

Notify an Entire Channel of Users on Slack

In the past, Pardot has allowed actions to trigger a “Notify User” push, this allows a single user to take action on a project. Now, with the Slack Pardot Integration, marketing departments can take advantage of a whole team notification.  This is especially useful in an agency atmosphere where duties are spread throughout the team, and actions need to be taken individually.

Create Custom Slack Notification Messages

Within the marketing agency organization; especially virtually, task clarity is essential to keep the flow of communication.  With the ability to create custom slack notification messages, your team will be able to take the necessary actions independently and save management time.

In addition to the custom message, each notification has the ability to include prospect information such as:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Email
  • Phone

Pair Pardot® with Multiple Slack Channels

Finally in a marketing organization, creating too many notifications can lead to missed opportunities. That’s why the Pardot and Slack integration allows users to set certain notifications to go to different channel streams. This allows your marketing team to maintain clarity through responsibilities without an overload of notifications daily. 

Ginny Torok Duwa

Ginny Torok Duwa

Ginny is a Marketing Operations Consultant at Cloudtegic. She has been in the marketing industry for 13 years, and is twice Pardot certified. She is passionate about quantifiable marketing programs and loves to help marketers prove the impact of their efforts.


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