The Integration You Need: LinkedIn and Pardot

As LinkedIn grows more and more as a tool for professionals, their Sales Navigator feature continues to climb by increasing social sales by nearly 35%. Combining users’ Sales Navigator on LinkedIn within their Pardot experience will generate the ability to use one platform for multiple uses.  Not only will the experience become faster and more effective, but it will also create a tool that automates search, account management, and messaging into one platform.

Benefits of Integrating Sales Navigator into Pardot Salesforce

Pardot users want to experience a system that allows them to have a cohesive user experience that integrates with their other platforms. With LinkedIn being the leading social platform for professionals to network and grow their business connections, it is vital to incorporate their features into Salesforce.

Stay in the Know with Updated Open Opportunities

As LinkedIn continues to serve as a source for openly available positions, have the information stored within your Pardot Salesforce account to be readily notified of each developing opportunity in your connections. Stay up to date and in the know when a connection is leaving or joining a company, to effectively adapt your sales strategy to timely changes. 

Stay Up to Date with Company News

Never miss a company update through Pardot and Linkedin integration tools. By combining these platforms, users are ensuring that their notifications and professional experience can continue and expand through Pardot Salesforce. 

Approach Key Decision-Makers at a Potential Company Prospect

LinkedIn Decision Makers have notoriously been known for their ability to be the final piece to closing on a potential lead through the platform. They are the individuals that are presented an offer into your sale. Approach key individuals with LinkedIn and Salesforce integration at a Potential Company Prospect with confidence that you have gathered all the information in preparation for the best outcome. 

Ginny Torok Duwa

Ginny Torok Duwa

Ginny is a Marketing Operations Consultant at Cloudtegic. She has been in the marketing industry for 13 years, and is twice Pardot certified. She is passionate about quantifiable marketing programs and loves to help marketers prove the impact of their efforts.


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