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While Pardot serves as a tool to gain control of marketing across your business or organization, Revenue Operations creates a new way to understand the revenue process and provides a holistic view of the customer lifecycle and aligns your sales operations, marketing, and customer success teams.


Pardot is an important tool to overlay on your well-defined buyer journey which should consist of knowing your buyer personas and how they enter your funnel, your touch points along the journey, and what leads to conversions. Part of this mapping should identify which departments(sales, marketing, operations) need to interact with the client and how and what automations allow you to keep the revenue machine humming.

Lead Source ROI

Giving information on your return on investment (ROI) is something that Pardot does best, and finds confidence in providing. The best way to do this is to make sure that Pardot has access to campaigns in order to accurately and effectively report on campaign performance.

Nurtures – Engagement

Do you have a plan for engaging with your existing Salesforce database? Are you utilizing field data to trigger nurture programs in Pardot? Do you have segmented messaging for leads versus contacts based on where they are in your funnel? Lead nurturing increases the propensity to buy by maintaining relationships and providing valuable content to prospects and/or existing customers. Pardot’s Engagement Studio allows for customer segmentation and use of email templates and sending criteria aligned with your funnel to improve overall lead quality.

Marketing Automation benefits your Sales team

Have you ever asked the question, “Why are my sales reps getting so many unqualified leads from marketing?” Your sales team working in collaboration with your marketing team can allow for automations, such as nurture programs, to ultimately lead to more qualified leads and allow for better definition of the funnel from Prospect to Marketing Qualified Lead, to Sales Qualified & Accepted Lead. Other automations such as gated content, scoring & grading, and progressive profiling can better qualify leads by learning more about the customer to allow your sales team to have a more targeted, personalized discussion with the buyer.

Cloudtegic USP

Cloudtegic is uniquely positioned to serve as a fractional CMO/CRO for your organization with our 10+ combined years of sales & marketing automation experience, as well as our experience as CFO & Accounting background, we can provide advice on what KPIs you should be looking for as part of your overall Revenue Optimization strategy as you look to align your sales & marketing teams and marrying that with your tech stack of Salesforce and marketing automation tool(Pardot).

C-Suite Focused Growth

The ideal growth that Pardot aims to achieve is and always will be a growth fit for C-suite members of your business or organization. Start producing revenue that has goals high enough to reach top-level growth, with the potential to provide executive-level individuals optimal results with confidence. The investment is worth the payoff.

Ginny Torok Duwa

Ginny Torok Duwa

Ginny is a Marketing Operations Consultant at Cloudtegic. She has been in the marketing industry for 13 years, and is twice Pardot certified. She is passionate about quantifiable marketing programs and loves to help marketers prove the impact of their efforts.


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