How to Choose the Best Pardot Implementation Partner for your Project – Part I

What areas of expertise should your Pardot Implementation partner have?

This is part I in our series to help you select the best Pardot implementation partner. At Cloudtegic, we’ve seen it all – from botched implementations to 1-person marketing teams, nothing surprises us. When starting a new Pardot project, you need a partner that truly understands marketing, your business goals, and of course, Pardot. Here is your guide to choosing the best Pardot implementation partner.

If you’re looking to implement Pardot (AKA Marketing Cloud Account Engagement), it can be tempting to hire the first Pardot implementation partner that comes along with a certification. But don’t rush into this decision without considering other factors— like the partner’s areas of expertise.

To help you select the best Pardot implementation partner for your project, always ask:


What is your expertise?

Pardot, though seemingly simple, can be a complex tool. The partner you choose should have expertise, at a minimum, in the following areas:

  • Pardot training and post-implementation support
    Training should be a huge part of the project. If your organization is new to marketing automation and/or Pardot, the partner you choose must have practical expertise in all aspects of Pardot and marketing automation. It’s one thing to be certified in Pardot – a great partner will have experience executing the things they are training you on.
  • Pardot integration with other tools in your marketing stack
    If your organization uses Zoom Webinars or Slack, for example, a good partner can walk you through integrating your platforms with Pardot. A great partner will think outside Pardot to help you integrate your tech stack.
  • Pardot reporting and analytics
    Pardot can provide deep insights into the success of your marketing. Getting those insights requires an understanding of your business goals, marketing operations, KPIs, and Salesforce reporting. A good partner will be able to distill the information they need from you and help you configure the right Salesforce reports and dashboards.
  • Pardot creative asset integration with your brand
    You’ll want a partner who understands the look and feel of your brand and how best to integrate their work with it so that it doesn’t seem clunky or out of place on either end of this process. A full-service partner like Cloudtegic has creative resources to build beautiful, on-brand Pardot assets.


In general, look for a partner that is an expert in all things Pardot, and who genuinely cares about your success.

When selecting a Pardot implementation partner, look for a partner that is truly an expert in Pardot, has real-world marketing experience, and genuinely cares about your success. A great partner is willing to go above and beyond to ensure Pardot is implemented in a way that best supports your marketing goals and sets your team up for success.


Cloudtegic is a Pardot and revenue operations marketing partner. We are here for any questions. Reach out anytime!

Ryan Cammisa

Ryan Cammisa

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