Using Pardot Repeatable Regions in Email Templates (Classic Builder)

The number one question we get from our clients regarding the Pardot classic email builder?…

How do I use Pardot repeatable regions in emails?

If you are using the Pardot classic email builder, the benefits of using repeatable regions are endless when shooting for efficiency and functionality.

Pardot regions are segments of code that allow you to control which email content users can edit. When working with Email templates, Pardot repeatable regions can Duplicate Row/Remove Row/Move Row Up/Move Row Down to give users more flexibility when designing templates. Creating an email template with repeatable regions is especially helpful for those with coding skills at a beginner or intermediate level.

In this blog post, we will give you our tips for creating Pardot email templates that use repeatable regions. You need knowledge of HTML code to create the first email template with repeatable regions – others can then use that template with limited to no HTML knowledge. Reach out if you need help creating your template! Read on if you are ready to create your own.

Classic vs Lightning Email Builder - brief background

After much anticipation, in 2021, Pardot released an exciting new tool called The Pardot Lightning Email Builder. Also referenced as the “drag and drop builder”, the process of creating Pardot email content was elevated in functionality. This easy-to-use tool sparked interest in users looking for simplicity in asset creation. However, users began noticing various limitations after the new builder was released. Features are continuously being rolled out, and we look forward to the day that Pardot has one email-building experience to rule them all! Until then…

If you have worked in Pardot for some time, you know the limitations of the Pardot classic builder too well – so does Salesforce – which is why the Lightning Builder was introduced in the first place! While we’re in this state of limbo between classic and Lightning, most of our clients still choose to work in classic. There isn’t yet a way to quickly or easily migrate templates from the classic library to the Lightning Builder, so working with classic templates remains relevant for many.

We spend a lot of our jobs making things easier for our clients to efficiently build beautiful emails. And for now, Pardot repeatable regions make email marketers’ lives much easier!

Two main things to consider for email templates built using Pardot repeatable regions:

  • Create a master template with repeatable regions, and include every section you may want to use in a repeatable regionsfuture email.
    We call this an “every section template”. When a user starts a new email, they’ll be able to copy the master template and then begin to add, move, or delete repeatable regions to uniquely tailor their email. This method demands minimal customization effort, ensuring no time is wasted.
    • Add the pardot-repeatable tag right after each element name you want to make repeatable (before any styling language).
      Pardot repeatable tag
    • If editing the code in the Pardot builder, toggle back to the builder view to check that you made the right section editable.


  • Use (or don’t use) repeatable regions to limit the areas of the email a user can or cannot edit.
    For example, use a “fixed” footer for uniformity when creating high quantities of email templates. The footer should be uneditable and ensures the presence of something like an “Unsubscribe” or “Manage Preferences” link or links to various social media pages. This will make your templates error-proof!
    • Use repeatable regions with caution – inexperienced users can easily break a template by editing the wrong things.

Once you’re done editing the email, we recommend doing a final scroll through the builder to have a look. Make sure all the regions you need to edit are editable, and all regions that need to be repeatable are.

Watch this quick video for a preview of Pardot repeatable regions:

We hope this helps your team create easy-to-use templates in Pardot classic email builder. If you are struggling, reach out. Our team can design a quick, beautiful, “every section template” for you to use for multiple emails. We can also help with your email marketing strategy while we’re at it! Shoot us an email.

Theron Troxel

Theron Troxel

Theron is a CRM and Marketing Automation Strategist for Cloudtegic. In addition to consulting, he specializes in migrations and plays an essential role in the asset team at Cloudtegic. He is a 3x Salesforce certified consultant and has been with Cloudtegic since 2022.


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