Event Recap: Salesforce World Tour D.C. 2023

The Salesforce World Tour D.C. 2023 promised to be a phenomenal gathering of industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts. Professionals were provided a platform to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the Salesforce ecosystem…and I can confidently say it did not disappoint!


As our trusty former president Abe Lincoln used to say, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Being a professional who provides services in the Salesforce ecosystem, I believe attending these events is crucial to run towards growth and avoid complacency.


Events like this act as a catalyst for expanding your network with industry peers/ experts, and learning about new products and services through interactive sessions and workshops. Attendees left with wisdom from top Salesforce executives and thought leaders on the latest Salesforce innovations and strategies, and most importantly, how to maximize the value of their Salesforce investments.


The experience featured keynote presentations, hands-on workshops, and breakout sessions on various topics, including:

  • Customer Success: Learning how to create exceptional customer experiences using Salesforce products and services.
  • Innovation: Exploring the latest trends and technologies in the Salesforce ecosystem, including AI, machine learning, and analytics.
  • Trailblazing: Hearing inspiring stories of Salesforce customers who have achieved success using Salesforce products and services.

If you happened to miss the monumental occasion, don’t worry! I got you covered with the event’s key takeaways. Each breakout session was built off of one foundational theme: Data. I’ve compiled all my notes into 5 main points: 

  1. Your Salesforce data should be modeled to: Harmonize, Visualize, Personalize and Automate your customers experience

2. Build out a data model – don’t rebuild the data

3. Unify your data sources to get your Prospect from A > B

4. Personalization. Personalization. Personalization.

5. Effective questions when architecting a data strategy:

    • How much should data matter to marketers?
    • How do we want to use data for Actions?
    • What is the best experience for our Prospects?
    • Do we understand our Prospects model?

These sessions allowed me to reflect on my data talk track from Mardreamin’: 10 Steps To Fully Maximize Your Pardot Investment, which highlights different aspects of data management, its relevance, and maintenance. Check it out for an even deeper dive into data and its gravity in strategy! 

World Tour D.C. was truly an unforgettable experience, with ample opportunities to learn, network, and have fun. Whether you are a Salesforce expert, a business leader, or an aspiring Trailblazer, the Salesforce World Tour is an event that you don’t want to miss. 

We’re only going up from here! Next week we’re headed to The Big Apple… Stay tuned for a recap of World Tour NYC 2023! 


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Ryan Cammisa

Ryan Cammisa

Ryan Cammisa is Co-Founder, and Chief Revenue Officer of Cloudtegic. He is a certified Pardot (Account Engagement) Specialist, with an expertise in marketing automation and revenue driving strategies.


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