The Importance of Salesforce Admin Rights in Marketing Automation


Why is it important to grant Salesforce Administrator rights to a consulting firm you just partnered with? At Cloudtegic, this question comes up when our Client Services Agreement and Statement of Work have been forwarded to our clients for their review and procurement process. Marketing automation has become an essential component in the strategic approach to modern businesses.


The end result is increased efficiency and higher ROI (Return On Investment) because companies are allowed to streamline and optimize all of their marketing efforts. The importance of Salesforce Administrator permissions play a critical role in the success of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), and Salesforce.


In this blog, I will discuss why Salesforce Admin rights are important in relation to marketing automation and the value they deliver to organizations. 

The crucial responsibilities of Salesforce Administrators



Salesforce administrators manage and maintain the Salesforce platform as one of their obligatory responsibilities. They do daily health checks on the org for consistent and correct functionality and that data is clean and precise. A key importance of their role in terms of marketing automation is that they ensure Account Engagement is integrated with Salesforce and that data is being synced bidirectionally between the two systems. Other assignments that admins are tasked with and responsible for include granting proper permission sets to users, granting access to specific applications or features (i.e. B2BMA Dashboards, Engagement History Dashboards), and installation of B2BMA Canvas and Account Engagement applications during implementations. 


Salesforce admins align with marketing teams to understand all requirements and system configurations that meet the team’s needs. The setup and creation of Salesforce Campaigns, creating workflows, and management of data are just some of the many items they may be keyed with from the marketing team. They analyze the data to ensure it is correct and that it is being utilized effectively to steer marketing campaigns.

System security and automation


System security plays a huge role in the daily life of an admin. They are responsible for data protection and system security and allowing or preventing unauthorized users from accessing those referenced items. When it comes to Account Engagement, the system admin can determine which users or Salesforce Profiles can access the application. They also determine what type of capabilities they have if they are added to the system’s business unit. For example, adding a user to the business unit as a Sales User will allow them to have Sales User functionality with their Account Engagement user.

When it comes to Account Engagement and Salesforce, we want these systems to be mirroring databases. With that being said, there may come times when automation on the Salesforce side of the house may need to be created for data quality and assurance, this is where having system admin rights comes into play. The admin can identify and prioritize any opportunity for automation. They can assist with automation for task creation, lead qualification processes or nurture programs. Having these types of capabilities allows the marketing team to focus more on the strategic approach. Ultimately helping increase of each team’s efficiency and reducing costs.

Having system admin rights during the partnership of a project is vital to the project’s success and outcome. The effects of not allowing the partnered company or consulting firm can delay the project or even miss assignment due dates. Having to email or notify the client’s admin to check on a certain task on the Salesforce side of the tool takes time away from both teams as an example. It takes time away that could be used effectively by the Cloudtegic team to complete tasks, but it also takes time away from our client’s admin to check on whatever task is needed by our team. Time is the most valuable asset to our existence, let’s use it effectively and wisely!


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Max Bradley

Max Bradley

Max is a Sales Operations Specialist for Cloudtegic. He is 4x Salesforce certified and has been with Cloudtegic since 2022.


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