The Top 5 Podcasts B2B Marketing Leaders Should Listen to in 2023

Nested into a handy, go-to resource, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 most listened-to podcasts throughout the year. As we all know, there are infinite concepts to learn, discuss, and master within the world of marketing analytics. In efforts to start off the new year with our brains stimulated and ready to learn, here are the must-listens we’re bringing with us to 2023.


1. Cash & Burn

Hosted by: Brandon Metcalf (repeat SaaS founder

Every week on the Cash & Burn podcast, SaaS founders and executives discuss the challenges of building and growing their businesses. These guests share their experiences of triumphs and setbacks, with a particular focus on the strategies they used to overcome challenges that could have jeopardized their companies.

Latest Episodes:

  1. From U.S. Army to Tech CEO w/ Roxanna Petraeus
  2. From Surfer to SaaS CEO w/ Colin Johnson
  3. Why Protecting Your SaaS Data Is Important w/ Sam Gutmann


2. The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Hosted by: Gary Vaynerchuk
Listen to a variety of content on this podcast, including episodes of the #AskGaryVee show, marketing and business keynote speeches, segments from Gary’s DAILYVEE video series, interviews, and fireside chats. You’ll also hear exclusive audio recordings of Gary’s latest thoughts on a range of topics.

Latest Episodes:

  1. Vayner X Presents: Marketing For The Now – TikTok Edition | GVAE Top Podcasts of 2022
  2. That Time When I Brought Tea With GaryVee Back in 2022 | GVAE Top Podcasts of 2022
  3. Why You Need to Make Even More Content in 2023! | GVAE Top Podcasts of 2022


3. B2B Growth

Hosted by: Dan Sanchez, James Carbary, and Benji Block

In conversations from the frontlines of marketing, they put the latest trends to the test, engage in spirited debates with industry experts, and challenge the echo chamber to bring clarity to what truly works.

Latest Episodes:

  1. Best of 2022: Resonate and Stand Out with Joei Chan
  2. The Hottest B2B Brands Going into 2023
  3. Is Airbnb’s Success Due to Brand Marketing? | Echo Chamber


4. Marketing Spark

Hosted by: Mark Evans

This podcast features 30-minute conversations with B2B SaaS marketers and entrepreneurs discussing the various roles that marketing plays in building brands, acquiring customers, and driving growth. Learn about the strategies and tactics these professionals use to create and maintain successful businesses.

Latest Episodes:

  1. For B2B SaaS Companies, Podcasts are a No-Brainer: Jeremy Shere
  2. Putting the Spotlight on Content, GA4, Website Optimization and CTAs: Andy Crestodina
  3. What’s a Fractional CMO and How Do They Deliver?


5. ExitFive

Hosted by: Dave Gerhardt

Host Dave Gerhardt and special guests share their marketing expertise to help you boost revenue for your company and advance your career in the field. The podcast mainly focuses on B2B marketing, but there is valuable content for anyone working in a marketing role.

Additionally, you can join a private online community of over 3,200 marketing professionals at

Latest Episodes:

  1. Holiday Special: What Parents Talk About Reunion with Dave & Lya
  2. Outside of Work: Running, Boston Marathon, and Sports Radio with Tim McKone
  3. Running Product Marketing Globally at $100M+ ARR, Working with Field Sales, and More with Eyal Webber-Zvik, VP Product Marketing at Cato Networks



As leaders and community members in the B2B marketing space, it’s important we stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and learn valuable strategies for driving success.

So, if you’re looking to level up your marketing game in the new year, be sure to add these to your library!

Matea Suan

Matea Suan

Matea is a Marketing Associate at Cloudtegic where she has a key role in creation of marketing assets for clients and internally at the company. She is a Salesforce certified professional and has been working with Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement since 2022.


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